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Housekeeping is the phrase I use for business matters. 

Initial Interview

I will conduct an initial interview by telephone or email at no charge.  This means I will spend up to one hour reviewing your case, doing light research, and discussing possible strategies with you.  This is provided in my sole discretion.    Initial in-person interviews are $250, which I will credit to your case if retained. 

Attorney Client Privilege

Attorney client privilege protects any of our communications by any method: email, telephone, letters, conversations.  This means no one, including immigration, can discover what we discuss, such as current immigration status, from me.  This privilege applies to all communications, regardless of whether I have been retained as your attorney or not.   

Attorney Client Relationship

There is no attorney client relationship until we have agreed to establish one.  You will know it when you see it for we will both agree on and sign an engagement letter.  Nothing on this web site or any other communication between us establishes an attorney client relationship until we agree to establish one.  Once we have agreed upon my representing you or your company, I will undertake the thorough review of your case that a proper legal analysis requires.  Use any information you like from this site or through our other communications at your own risk. 


Whenever possible I will quote a set fee for an easily quantifiable task, such as filing for a particular type of visa, so we are both clear from the outset about what legal services I will perform and for exactly how much.  If things become unexpectedly complicated, like an appeal or curing an immigration error, I will charge an hourly rate.  You or your company will be responsible for out of pocket expenses such as immigration filing fees or multiple overnight delivery packages.


I use PayPal to accept credit card payments for firm fees and out of pocket expenses only.  Checks are fine, too, of course.  I do not accept PayPal payments for immigration filing fees.   

Practice Areas

As an attorney licensed in Washington, DC, I am able to practice federal law, meaning immigration and IRS tax law, anywhere.  I may only practice local law, such as estate planning, in Washington, DC.

The Dog

As in many films, the dog has nothing to do with anything; he is simply a great guy.  He is a Spinone Italiano.